Techson is AWESOME!!! I was scammed by IYOGI. After all the frustration I’ve been through with them over the past several years, I finally feel that my computer is safe. I wish I could get the word out to locals. Bill very patiently worked with me with the purchase of a new router and connecting the printer. I will NEVER again use a number on the internet for support. They are all scams. Support your locals. I highly recommend Bill and his assistant Craig. They know what they are doing and can fix anything!!!

My Surface had a dead plugin, went to numerous comp stores,dept.stores with absolutely no luck in finding one as they all told me to go to amazon.I dropped in at Techson Computers and within 10 minutes I was on my way home with a brand new plugin @ very little cost and the guy that waited on me was great,a real pleasure. So all you Doshers head out of Southport to Techson Computers in oak Island, for your computer needs!

I was having trouble with my IPad so I took it to
Techson Computers and I was there twenty minutes and everything was up and running great !

Thank you Craig !

My computer is very important to me as it is the only form of communication with my daughter in Ireland. I walked into Techson and explained the problem I was having and within 5 mins…NO PROBLEMS! It could be it was an easy fix (not for me) but, I don’t think that is the point here. The point is that it was taken care of then and there. Like it was the very important to him.

Techson Computers really did a great job repairing my computer.
Bill was professional, and friendly, and I would recommend him to anyone that has a desktop, laptop, or cell phone that needs a repair. My computer is running better than it has in a very long time.

From out of town, had a deadline to meet, computer having issues, walked into Techson Computers, and Bill put down what he was working on and made us his priority. Now have a working computer at a very reasonable repair cost.


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